FAQs | Absolute Diamond and Gold Buyers

Absolute Diamond and Gold Buyers


1. What does it mean to be a licensed precious metals dealer?

We are fully licensed precious metals dealers, certified by the State of Oklahoma to purchase gold, diamonds, gems, jewelry, platinum and silver. We are heavily bonded with insurance & we must pass an extensive background check by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations. Any person or business buying precious metals and gems in Oklahoma by law must have a precious metals license and it must be visible to the public.

2. Why should I sell my gold to Absolute Diamond and Gold Buyers?

We treat every customer with honesty, integrity and respect and we pay top cash for your gold, silver and diamonds. We have 33 years of combined experience in the buying and selling of gold and diamonds. Every transaction is done quickly and confidentially and we pay you cash on the spot.

3. Do you trade jewelry?

Yes, you can trade in your jewelry or apply your old jewelry to the cost of another piece you wish to own.

4. Do you have a layaway program?

Yes, we have a great no interest no additional fee layaway program to better help our customers get exactly what they want.

5. Do you buy diamonds?

We buy all diamonds, large or small and we pay top dollar for every stone. Unlike our competitors who normally do not pay for diamonds less than one half carat, we will offer you a fair price on small diamonds as well as larger diamonds. Clarity and color will be assessed in the formulation of our bid for your diamonds. We broker many diamonds and this allows us to pay the highest possible price.

6. Do you buy gemstones?

Typically we do not buy gemstones, except on rare occasions when your gemstones are of the highest quality (rubies and pink sapphires that are natural and perfect in color are examples). Every gemstone is judged individually.

7. What items do you not buy?

We do not buy computer components, catalytic converters, pearls, cell phones, stainless steel, tungsten, titanium, or plated items.

8. Do you buy coins?

We buy a variety of coins from silver, gold, and platinum to rare coins with numismatic value. This includes 1964 and older US dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars. We pay top dollar for your graded PCGS, NGC and ANACS coins. View our “What We Buy” section for a more detailed list or give us a call with any questions. We would love to offer you a free appraisal.

9. Do you buy dental gold?

Many people do not know that dental gold is normally made from a higher carat weight of gold. We buy all dental gold and would love to make you an offer.

10. Do you buy silverware or flatware?

Yes, we buy all silverware and flatware that is made of sterling silver. Please note that we do not buy silver-plated items unless they are very ornate.

11. Do you buy gold-filled items?

Yes, we buy gold-filled items, but there is not much gold in these items so the bids are very low. We would love to buy your clearly marked gold-filled items.

12. Does Absolute Diamond & Gold Buyers give appraisals?

We give free in-store appraisals.

13. How will I be paid?

We pay you cash on the spot! If you would prefer a check we can accommodate.

14. Do I need an appointment?

No appointment needed. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will assist you promptly and have you on your way with cash in hand in minutes.

15. Do you have a separate room if privacy is preferred?

We do have a buying room for customers who would like to conduct their business in private.

16. If I am not sure that my items are real can you still give me an appraisal?

Not a problem! We would love to evaluate your items and assist you at no cost.